About Us

Let GOWELL take care of your Point of Sales System while you focus on your business

Today, competition in the start-up and middle class business running faster and faster. To make your business be able to survive in this crowded market, you need a special tactic. Start from optimizing the service, has a professional staff, and sharpen your work performance, these are you have to do to get your business continue growing and gain public confidence.

Improving your service is the main thing to make your business has a place in people’s hearts. However, it does not have to be expensive, optimize the service business can be done in various ways that won’t drain the budget. That’s why we are here to provide the right solution for you who want to optimize the business with lower costs.

GOWELL is a leading-edge global hardware system provider specializing on the design of POS (Point-of-Sale) System, Kiosk System, Digital Signage System and Controller PC System, covering markets over Hospitality, Retail, Payment, Ticketing, Self Service, Ordering, Industrial Control, Medical, Advertising, Outdoor Computer, and the Other Commercial PC Applications. With the emphasis on DFX (Design for Excellence), Professional ODM Business Capability, and the Flexibility of Customization Design Services, GOWELL is accordingly positioned as the best partner for business owners who need to have lower cost, shorter design cycle, and comprehensive hardware designs to meet the goal of the highest return of investment.

GOWELL Content Management Services is established as a complement to our point of sales business. Through our Content Management Group, we help you integrate your hardware, software and your business. In the Digital Signage Solutions, we can create and manage your eye catching contents for the right audience and enhance the visibility of your products and thus improves the interaction between business and customers.

The better your interaction with customers, greater customers will trust your business. Business achieve greater customer confidence is a winner. Continue to develop your business and be a winner now with us.